About Us

This UTHort website is devoted to providing high-quality, research-based residential and consumer horticulture information to Tennesseans. This site was designed and developed by the horticulture Extension team comprised of agents and specialists across Tennessee.

Horticulture is the science of growing plants for food, beauty, and medicine. But, we know that information on more than just plants is needed to grow and manage great gardens, lawns and landscapes. You also need to understand the geography and climate of Tennessee along with knowledge of how soils and water support our lawns and gardens.

So, this site is designed to provide users with high quality information across 8 main topic areas. Our site includes print and digital resources as well as videos that introduce you to TN, publications and videos that provide selection and care information on garden vegetable, flowers, shrubs and trees. Plus, there is information on managing soils, identifying insects and diseases and supporting water quality and aquatic health across the state.

Information here has been written or selected by Tennessee Extension agents and specialists to meet the needs of those we serve across the state. We will continue to develop and link new materials to support you in achieving success in your plant, garden, lawn and landscape efforts.

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